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bareFTP::Protocol::Sftp::ChannelSftp Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for bareFTP::Protocol::Sftp::ChannelSftp:

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Detailed Description

Based on JSch-0.1.30.

Definition at line 41 of file ChannelSftp.cs.

Public Member Functions

void cd (string path)
void chmod (int permissions, string path)
virtual void connect ()
override void disconnect ()
void exit ()
virtual int getExitStatus ()
string getHome ()
virtual int getId ()
virtual Session getSession ()
virtual void init ()
virtual bool isClosed ()
virtual bool isConnected ()
bool isEOF ()
void lcd (string path)
string lpwd ()
List< bareFTP.Protocol.RemoteFile > ls (string path)
SftpATTRS lstat (string path)
void mkdir (string path)
void myget (bareFTP.Protocol.XferFile src, bareFTP.Protocol.FileAction action, System.IO.FileStream dst)
 tamir: updated to jcsh-0.1.30
void myput (bareFTP.Protocol.XferFile file, bareFTP.Protocol.FileAction action, System.IO.FileStream src)
virtual void OnLogTextEmitted (LogTextEmittedArgs e)
string pwd ()
void quit ()
string readlink (string path)
void rename (string oldpath, string newpath)
void rm (string path)
void rmdir (string path)
override void run ()
virtual void setInputStream (Stream In, bool dontclose)
virtual void setInputStream (Stream In)
virtual void setOutputStream (Stream Out, bool dontclose)
virtual void setOutputStream (Stream Out)
void setStat (string path, SftpATTRS attr)
override void start ()
SftpATTRS stat (string path)
string version ()

Static Public Attributes

static int APPEND = 2
static int OVERWRITE = 0
static int RESUME = 1
static int SSH_FX_BAD_MESSAGE = 5
static int SSH_FX_EOF = 1
static int SSH_FX_FAILURE = 4
static int SSH_FX_NO_CONNECTION = 6
static int SSH_FX_NO_SUCH_FILE = 2
static int SSH_FX_OK = 0
static int SSH_FX_OP_UNSUPPORTED = 8

Protected Member Functions

void addRunningThread (Thread thread)
void clearRunningThreads ()


EventHandler LogTextEmitted

Private Member Functions

SftpATTRS _lstat (string path)
internal bool _sendCLOSE (byte[] handle, Header header)
void _setStat (string path, SftpATTRS attr)
SftpATTRS _stat (string path)
internal bool checkStatus (int[] ackid, Header _header)
int fill (byte[] buf, int s, int len)
List< string > glob_remote (string _path)
internal Header header (Buffer buf, Header header)
string localAbsolutePath (string path)
void putHEAD (byte type, int length)
string remoteAbsolutePath (string path)
void sendCLOSE (byte[] path)
void sendINIT ()
void sendLSTAT (byte[] path)
void sendMKDIR (byte[] path, SftpATTRS attr)
void sendOPEN (byte[] path, int mode)
void sendOPENA (byte[] path)
void sendOPENDIR (byte[] path)
void sendOPENR (byte[] path)
void sendOPENW (byte[] path)
void sendPacketPath (byte fxp, byte[] p1, byte[] p2)
void sendPacketPath (byte fxp, byte[] path)
void sendREAD (byte[] handle, long offset, int length)
void sendREADDIR (byte[] path)
void sendREADLINK (byte[] path)
void sendREALPATH (byte[] path)
void sendREMOVE (byte[] path)
void sendRENAME (byte[] p1, byte[] p2)
void sendRMDIR (byte[] path)
void sendSETSTAT (byte[] path, SftpATTRS attr)
void sendSTAT (byte[] path)
internal int sendWRITE (byte[] handle, long offset, byte[] data, int start, int length)
void skip (long foo)
void throwStatusError (Buffer buf, int i)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool isLocalAbsolutePath (string path)

Private Attributes

string _version = "3"
int[] ackid = new int[1]
Buffer buf
string cwd
string home
string lcwd
Packet packet
internal int seq = 1
int server_version = 3
List< Thread > threadList = null

Static Private Attributes

static string file_separator = System.IO.Path.DirectorySeparatorChar.ToString()
static int MAX_MSG_LENGTH = 256* 1024
static int SSH_FXF_CREAT = 0x00000008
static int SSH_FXF_READ = 0x00000001
static int SSH_FXF_TRUNC = 0x00000010
static int SSH_FXF_WRITE = 0x00000002
static byte SSH_FXP_ATTRS = 105
static byte SSH_FXP_CLOSE = 4
static byte SSH_FXP_DATA = 103
static byte SSH_FXP_HANDLE = 102
static byte SSH_FXP_INIT = 1
static byte SSH_FXP_LSTAT = 7
static byte SSH_FXP_MKDIR = 14
static byte SSH_FXP_NAME = 104
static byte SSH_FXP_OPEN = 3
static byte SSH_FXP_OPENDIR = 11
static byte SSH_FXP_READ = 5
static byte SSH_FXP_READDIR = 12
static byte SSH_FXP_READLINK = 19
static byte SSH_FXP_REALPATH = 16
static byte SSH_FXP_REMOVE = 13
static byte SSH_FXP_RENAME = 18
static byte SSH_FXP_RMDIR = 15
static byte SSH_FXP_SETSTAT = 9
static byte SSH_FXP_STAT = 17
static byte SSH_FXP_STATUS = 101
static byte SSH_FXP_WRITE = 6


class  Header

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